Residential Rental Brokerage - We have developed relationships with an extensive network of landlords and property management companies in Chicago. 

Residential Sales Brokerage - We are recognized throughout the industry for the highest expense-to-income ratio marketing campaigns, aggressive buyer negotiation, fast sales and high prices. In the past four years, we’ve sold over $250 million dollars in property.

Relocation Services - We are local. We are global. Whether it's a new job, a promotion or the chance to be closer to family and friends, we know there's any number of reasons for relocating. We also know that no matter how exciting the opportunities are, the experience of relocating can be stressful. That's why @properties Relocation has brought together the best people and practices to make your relocation experience enjoyable and comfortable. So, focus on the opportunities that brought you here, and let @properties Relocation focus on everything else.

List Your Property - We are from around here. We understand the market and what it takes to get the best possible price when you sell or rent your home. That's why we're always innovating—pushing forward to better connect your property to the right buyers or well-qualified tenants.

More than 90% of people today start their property search online. We enable you to make an impact with them right from the start. Then we provide you the guidance needed to close the deal. Expertise. Innovation. Sales. It's what we do.